Developer - The inventor or technical contributor of a project

Direct Use - A revenue model where an invention is actively used or sold.

F/OSS - Free and Open Source Software

FDT - An abbreviation for Future Development Thesis

Future Development Thesis - A mentor’s guide to what could be done with their project given more time and resources.

Grant - A monetary incentive given to a project by a Sponsor or an Incubator

Incubator - A partnership between a Sponsor and a Mentor to provide comprehensive resources to new projects which use the Mentor’s expertise.

Incubator Project - A project which has an incubator dedicated (at least in part) to it.

Indirect Services - A revenue model where complimentary services are provided for an invention.

Intellectual Property - An idea over which the government has granted a monopoly of use.

IP - An abbreviation for Intellectual Property.

Inventor - The creator of an idea or project

Maintainer - A Developer responsible for maintaining a project.

Mentor - A Developer who is obligated to provide support for one or more projects.

Open Source - The code or recipe for a project is openly available for the public to read and adapt.

Open Venture - A for-profit project or business that uses primarily open source technology to achieve its goals.

R&D - An abbreviation for Research & Development

RDOV - An abbreviation for Reserach & Develop Open Ventures

Reserach & Develop Open Ventures - A business model where open source project developers form incubators to participate the next generation of projects.

SaaS - An abbreviation for Software as a Service

Software as a Service - A service-oriented business model where software is operated on behalf of a user.

Sponsor - 1. Someone who sponsors open projects using the RDOV model. 2. The act of sponsoring a project.

Sponsored Project - A project which has received a grant from a Sponsor or Incubator.

User - Someone who uses a project, whether a business or an individual