What is the difference between an Open Venture and an open source project?

Open source projects are collections of code or other blueprints which are under an open source license.

Open ventures are for-profit organizations that primarily utilize open source projects.

Is RDOV compatible with license XXX?

RDOV is a generic strategy, and is compatible with a wide variety of open licenses. At this time it is not known if RDOV works better for restrictive, GPL-type licenses, or more permissive MIT-types.

Is RDOV compatible with patents or Intellectual Property business models?

No. RDOV is specifically designed to cope with the scaling problems, and race created when an open source project is released.

My established organization uses open source projects, but only a little. Can I still use RDOV?

Yes, but only for general support. Depending on how much you rely on the open source projects, it may be advantageous for you to seek assistance from the developers.

I am an entrepreneur creating a startup that uses open source projects. Can I use RDOV?

If you plan to use open source projects in a new venture, you may want to consider applying for sponsorship in an incubator. If your startup is accepted to the incubator, you will receive a grant from the sponsor as well as mentoring and support from the open source project developers.